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Eleanor and Danielle shopping in London | 9.15.14

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@maximilianhurd; @luluguinnessperspective #NOLOOsatluluguinnessperspective 💋

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lookfantasticLovely to meet @eleanorj92 today what a babe!! #theluluperspective

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Hey, White America, You Need To Hear What These Ferguson Kids Have To Say

In a new video from social justice-oriented T-shirt company FCKH8, several Ferguson children lampoon the excuses white people give to avoid getting involved in ending discrimination in America and deliver a call to action to stomp out racism.

Watch the full video and see these kids explain how racism is still a huge part of even getting an interview for a job.

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Tell me that I’m wrong but I do what I please

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Am I the only one who sometimes cry because she’s ugly as fuck?! 

@ohmylovelondon: Some of the #OMLFW babes @leightravers @glameramo @lou_ohmylove @dcp1006 

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